I offer content-based consulting and editorial services. My primary focus is on combining brand and content strategy with narrative marketing and good writing to produce stories people will remember.

Narrative marketing is a step beyond storytelling. While it is vital to tell a consistent story across channels, it is more critical to have a brand-authentic point of view and a believable and interesting message that consumers will remember. 

Specifically, I help brands and creatives:

  • Craft vision-centric, appropriate, and authentic narratives and marketing strategies that target the right audiences, achieve ROI, and, more importantly, mean something;

  • Take a step back to evaluate their project’s brand, vision, and users to determine the best approach;

  • Apply content strategy and UX/UI techniques to design functional, user-friendly, brand-appropriate websites, portals, and apps;

  • Evaluate and understand their digital brand footprint; and

  • Use data to create truly compelling, targeted content.

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