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Narrative Marketing: Storytelling Techniques for Fashion and Luxury Brands

Over 12 years ago, the British lingerie company Agent Provocateur launched a lavish e-mail marketing campaign with four short films entitled “The Dreams of Miss X,” featuring Kate Moss. The campaign promised to be a new concept for e-mail marketing, drawing in viewers (and thus potential buyers) with a more cinematic feel to the online retail experience.

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Fashion Content Strategy: The Art of the Content Audit

When it comes to digital, fashion and luxury brands are typically focused on marketing vision and messaging. While telling the right story to the right audience in a way that is true to your brand ethos is obviously key, how many stories is your brand telling/selling at the same time across channels? Do you know where all your brand content lives?

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Why Fashion Needs Content Strategy

I am a Content Strategist. When I say this to people who work in fashion, I often get a quizzical look. In the tech sector of my day job, content strategy is an active community of practitioners. In the fashion world of my consulting life, content strategy barely exists, save a few content marketers here and there who may borrow some of its techniques.

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